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XtDesk is X Window icon manager, and runs under Linux and FreeBSD.
I'll appreciate any feedback - wishes or opinions - about this program.
If you add some features - please let me know, I'll be glad to incorporate it in my project.
XtDeaktop inherited idea and some code from idesk
Author: Chris Roberts, Email:, ICQ: 63345004
Maintainer: Ivan

In initial versions some code from Shaped Window Extension 0.4 for Tcl/Tk  was used.
Author: Donal K. Fellows,

Inherited from idesk:
- idea
- Database.h / - config files management
- source code fragments from some other files

New features:
- Xt toolkit used
- XShape extension used - no need to save copy of root window, but transparency is not supported.
- following types of icons supported:
  • application - to launch programs
  • mounts - to mount/umount devices
  • plugins - external libraries to change icon and caption dynamically
- menu with additional commands for all type of icons
- mulitiline captions

xtdesk in action  - two lines  with time and date  is simple plugin, mounted CD, unmounted floppy, multiline caption, additional menu for  Mozilla.

Download  xtdesktop-0.7b.tgz (~30K)
Brief description - look README inside tarball

Debian package available at to Daniele Favara)
Script to add icons for hot-plug devices automatically (by Royce Souther)
Article Automatic USB icon for xtdesktop"
Menu font and color could be set in .Xdefaults as follows:

XtDesk*SmeBSB*font: 9x15
XtDesk*SmeBSB*foreground: #000060
XtDesk*SimpleMenu*background: gray
XtDesk*SimpleMenu*cursor: hand2

Added Makefile for 64-bit systems
Minor bugfix (thanks to Mark G. Alexander)
Added LICENCE file
New options: SnapWidth/SnapHeight UTF-8 locale support for icon captions and menu items. (use XtDesk*SmeBSB* in .Xdefaults for menu)
Properties window can be closed without killing whole application
Only *.lnk files are searched for icon configuration.
Some code rewritten in
Two plugins added - clock and simple system montor (cpu(s), nic(s), cpu temperatuer sometimes)
Added more features (based on Jason Dumler ideas )
 - config option CaptionBackground and CaptionBorder can be used in xtdeskrc or individual icon configuration file
- icons raised when clicked or dragged
 - integrated some codes and ideas from Jason Dumler
     - added trim function to database code - spaces and tabs does not matter now
     - added IconWidth and IconHeight configuration options to change icon size ( can be used in ~/.xtdeskrc - for global changes, or in individual icon config)
     - main configuration file now searched first as $HOME/.xtdesktop/xtdeskrc (warning printed if not found), then - as $HOME/.xtdeskrc
 - config option Fixed can be used in  xtdeskrc
- FreeBSD support (tested on 5.1) thanks Virtuoso for request
- added configuration viewer/editor. Rigth click on icon -> "Properties" menu item
Exmaple of recources to influence properties editor window:
XtDesk*Form*background: gray
XtDesk*Form*foreground: #000060
XtDesk*font: 9x15
- various code changes
v0.3a - multiline labels
- correct handling of background procedures
- support for plugins