current version 0.99.9, last update 05/01/2001

What is DFM ?

DFM is a file manager for Linux and other UNIX like Operating Systems. DFM is the abrvabation for Desktop File Manager. "Desktop" stands for the capability to place icons on the root window. The idea to write DFM came from OS/2. For a long time I had worked with OS/2. Using Linux I miss a desktop that provides easy launching programs, managing files and their association. I think only a program like the WPS can provide this. Some of the main features are:
  • Normal view, Detail view, Structure view
  • Icons may have any size
  • placement of icons is free (Normal view)
  • every file have its own icon and startcommand
  • copy, move and link files
  • The desktop is a special folder in the homedirectory - There the user can place links to favourite programs or folders of the system
  • every DFM-window have its own backgroundpixmap or color
  • XV thumbnails are used as icons
  • XDND drag support
  • Offix drag support

What's new in 0.99.9 ?

  • bugfixes


Here are some screenshots. Note that most of them are not taken with the current version of DFM.

dfm with fvwm95 dfm with fvwm2 dfm with olvwm dfm with twm dfm with bowman dfm with icewm

WindowMaker mlvwm blackbox


You may distribute DFM under the terms of the GNU General Public License as specified in the COPYING file.

Download DFM: dfm-0.99.9.tar.gz (ca. 400kB)

The older versions.

Other files you may need

You need "The Gimp Toolkit" from the GTK+ homepage. (Version 1.2+)

You also need the "XPM Library": libXpm.4.7.tar.gz from Sunsite or the The XPM Format and Library homepage. The archive xpm-3.4k.tar.gz (source) contains the library version 4.11 (>4.7) !

Links & Utilities

  • Some TCL/TK scripts from Ethan Gold : Ethan's code kitchen
  • A windowmanager which can emulate OS/2 look and feel (Warp 3 and 4) from Marko Macek : icewm is IMHO the best wm for Linux.
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