AVFS - A Virtual File System


What is AVFS

AVFS is a system, which enables all programs to look inside archived or compressed files, or access remote files without recompiling the programs or changing the kernel.

At the moment it supports floppies, tar and gzip files, zip, bzip2, ar and rar files, ftp sessions, http, webdav, rsh/rcp, ssh/scp. Quite a few other handlers are implemented with the Midnight Commander's external FS.

AVFS is (C) under the GNU GPL (see the file COPYING). The shared library supporting AVFS with LD_PRELOAD is (C) under the GNU LGPL (see the file COPYING.LIB).

AVFS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, for details see the file COPYING.


To download AVFS go here.

Mailing list

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If you have questions don't hesitate to mail me at: mszeredi@inf.bme.hu

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