Software - libDockApp

Here is the current place to obtain libdockapp. I am confident that this will not be the last location for it to reside, but for now, here is the place.


LibDockApp is a library that provides a framework for developing dockapps. It provides functions and structures to define and display command-line options, create a dockable icon, handle events, etc.

The goal of the library is to provide a simple, yet clean interface and standardize the ways in which dockapps are developed. A dockapp developed using libDockApp will automatically behave well under most window managers, and especially well under Window Maker.

Versions available for download:


Authors through history

The original author of libDockApp was Alfredo Kojima. Due to limitations in the time in a day, he passed development over to Pascal Hofstee. I worked together with Pascal on various projects, one of which was libDockApp.
(Some of the other projects we did include: wmmon, WINGs colorpanel, WSoundServer & WSoundPrefs.)

Pascal did the development and the hosting of libDockApp for a time, but then it was his turn to be too busy to do anything serious about it. Next to that, the server that hosted it became unstable and eventually needed replacing. Unfortunately Pascal never really had time to set up a new CVS-repository (or other services) on the new machine, so it stayed down more or less permanently.
You may have experienced some difficulties in finding libDockApp around that time; well, now you know why.

So, eventually I offered to take over development (and hosting) and here you can see the result. I hope you like what I did so far.