myDSL extensions are put together by DSL-N users independent of the DSL-N project
DSL-N does not warrant the integrity of sources, builds, or files donated
Download Instructions:
Download or Browse by using the MyDSL desktop icon, or the command line mydsl-load.
You can also download via browser by right click and select Save As,
For best results use wget especially for large files. Check your md5sums.
Use Instructions:
If downloaded with the desktop icon, simply click desktop icon or select menu item.
To load locally use the desktop icon myDSL button, or the command line mydsl-load.
For automatic bootup loading, copy to the / of your boot media or a "mydsl" directory
For on demand boot loading, copy to the myDSL partition and use mydsl=hdXY boot option.
Applications Here you will find many applications to easily add to your DSL-N System
Games Many games you will find for your enjoyment using your DSL-N System
Multimedia For those fond of mutlimedia visit our collection.
Network Many networking tools and utilities.
System Many system tools and utilities, including the busybox replacement, gnu-utils and the apt tools,dsl-dpkg.
Testing Caution: Beta testers only. Here is the collection of first cut contributions to all areas. Hard drive use is strongly NOT recommended. Use at your own risk. Help the community. Give feedback in the forums.
UCI Our collection of amazing Mount/Unmount low-ram Applications, a forerunner to the Klik system.
UNC Our collection of Mountable Unionfs Overlay low-ram Applications.
Window Mgr Apps A nice collection of Window Managers, utilities and tools. Dress up your DSL-N system.