Easy Pyro 1.1.1, 1.2-1.2.9, 1.3

Version 1.1 was intended to be EOL (End Of Line) for the "Pyro" series of EasyOS. Released August 9, 2019.

Pyro is superseded by the "Buster" series, that starts from version 2.0.

For news about releases and development work, read Barry's blog:


Version 1.1.1

This is an extremely minor bug fix release. The main problem was SeaMonkey failing to start if launched on the main desktop when there is no Internet connection.

If you already have 1.1, you can fix the problem by doing this is a terminal:

# ln -snf /usr/lib/seamonkey/seamonkey /usr/bin/seamonkey

Despite the intention of EOL, there is another release...

Version 1.2

At the time of writing, Easy Buster 2.1 is being released. Although the Buster series is intended to receive most attention ongoing, Barry decided to keep doing maintenance releases of the Pyro series.

Although the package versions, such as gcc, glibc and libraries, are starting to get a bit "long in the tooth", Barry retains a fondness for them due to the very small size and targeted configuration. That is, the packages were compiled from source, using 'oe-qky-src', a fork of OpenEmbedded, so there are no unwanted dependencies, meaning no bloat.

Consider, the 'easy-1.2-amd64.img.gz' download file is 418MB. This includes the "kitchen sink" of applications, both GTK2, GTK3 and Qt5 based apps. On the other-hand, Buster 'easy-2.1-amd64.img.gz' is 504MB and has less apps -- Qt5 libraries and apps such as Scribus (desktop publisher) were left out, to limit the size.

Yes, Buster works, and has the advantage of access to the huge Debian package respositories (which was the main reason to go for it). However, aesthetically, small size, and the seamless integration off all packages, are the arguments in favour of Pyro. Pyro has a much smaller on-line app repository.

Version 1.2 has a kernel bump to 5.2.9, some bug fixes, infrastructure improvements, and the new "Copy session to RAM & disable drives" boot option.

Here are links to further information about changes in version 1.2, in no particular order:

  1. Fixes when SFS layers change 1 
  2. Copy session to RAM & disabled drives 1 2 
  3. SFSget SFS management improved 1 
  4. Kernel 5.2.7 with cap_sys_mount patch 1 
  5. Fix opening up initrd.q 1 
  6. Chromium SFS updated, Firefox SFS removed 1 
  7. de and fr langpacks updated 1 2 
  8. YouTubeDL updated and improved GUI 1 
  9. Workaround starting seaMonkey in container 1 
  10. Fixes for Acer Aspire 1 laptop 1 2 3 
  11. German and French builds of EasyOS 1 2 
  12. Various extra technical improvements 1 2 3 4 5

Despite the small size, Pyro 1.2 includes the "kitchen sink", a huge collection of apps, including Libreoffice, Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape, Dia, Planner, Grisbi, SeaMonkey and Xine. Here is a list of all apps builtin to this release:


These packages are only in the "devx" SFS:


Version 1.2.3

This is a maintenance release. The kernel has been bumped to 5.2.10 and SeaMonkey to 2.49.5.

There are also many infrastructure changes. These are documented in the Buster release notes -- basically, anything not related to specific packages is an underlying or infrastructure change. Please read the Buster 2.1.3 release notes:


Version 1.2.5

Another maintenance release, but a bit more than that -- version 1.2.5 has the 'network-manager-applet' sophisticated GUI tray applet, replacing the text-mode 'nmtui'. Though, 'nmtui' is still there if you want to use it. Release notes:

  1. New NetworkManager GUI tray applet 1 2 
  2. Other fixes and improvements 1 2 

Version 1.2.7

The main event is updating of Xorg server and drivers, as well as bug fixes. Release notes:

  1. Bug fixes for SFSget and Easy Containers 1 2 
  2. Xorg server and drivers updated 1 

Version 1.2.8

More bug fixes of course, but also app improvements. Release notes in no particular order:
  1. New pSynclient touchpad setup GUI 1 
  2. GetFlash player downloader fixed (again) 1 
  3. Kernel bumped to 5.2.21 1 
  4. Battery status tray applet improved 1 
  5. Screeny screen capture fixed 1 
  6. Other bug fixes and improvements 1 2 3 

Version 1.2.9

The Pyro series is still alive! Still using the 5.2.21 kernel. Release notes:

  1. Convert user-installed apps into containers 1 
  2. SolveSpace 3D parametric design app 1 
  3. Bluetooth fixes 1 


This is the same as 1.2.9, except using the 5.4.1 kernel:

  1. Kernel 5.4.1 with lockdown 1 

Kernel lockdown is now used in the boot option "Copy session to RAM & disable drives", to even further decrease any possibility of accessing the PC drives. Note, the actual kernel boot parameter is "lockdown=confidentiality".

A note about aufs: there was a reconsideration of overlayfs, however, once again it was found to be inadequate. 1 

Audio does not work on some hardware with the 5.4.x kernel. If you hit this problem, use the 1.2.9 release.

Version 1.3

A significant version bump! There have been many changes since version 1.2, justifying the version bump to 1.3. There have been many changes since, listed here, in no particular order:

  1. Major bug fix for version rollback 1 
  2. Significant fixes and improvements for containers 1 2  
  3. Kernel 5.4.6 1 2 
  4. New documentation 1 2 
  5. Other bug fixes and improvements 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The problem mentioned with regarding audio, has been fixed. Or rather, worked-around, and the work-around has been confirmed OK with actual Sky Lake CPU. This probably needs to be fixed properly by the kernel developers. 1

Originally written September 15, 2019, last update December 27, 2019