We're happy to anounce Fatdog64-521.

This is mainly a bug fix release with a few upgrades and additions thrown in. Here's the change log since Fatdog64-520:

Update Firefox-7.0.1
Update Thunderbird-7.0.1
Update FlashPlayer-11 final
Update Pburn-3.3.7
Add Psip-1.2
Update Sfs_load-1.2
Add Guvcview-1.5
Update Epdfview-0.1.8.
Add Rdesktop-1.7.0.
Add Tsclient-0.15p
firefox-spot fix
Removed /root/Startup/acpid.
Removed acpid startup from rc.sysinit.
Re-ordered /etc/init.d
Removed term=xterm from /etc/profile.
Xarchive patched for 7zip (Broke by the xz patch)
Xine.sh modified To run Xine as root when spot can't.
Default tap to click off for Synaptics (MaxTapTime=0).
Replace included rtl8192 drivers with proprietary ones.

The Psip is a GTK app written by James that lets you do voice over IP. Other notable changes include a change to Xine.sh. Now Xine will run as user spot when it can, but if you click on a media file that's on a non-linux partition (NTFS, FAT), then it will run as user root. And the addition of a remote desktop client.   

Click here for the 520 release anouncment.
Here's a very incomplete list of applications, the well known ones:

Firefox   --- Web Browser.
ThunderBird  --- Email client.
Kino      --- Video editor.
HandbrakeCLI w/GUI  --- DVD ripper.
Abiword   --- Word processor.
Gnumeric  --- Spreadsheet.
Gimp      --- Image editor
Pidgin    --- Chat client.
Gparted   --- Partition utility.
Ripperx   --- CD ripper.
Transmission  --- Bit torrent.
Xine-UI   --- Media player.

The not so well known ones:

Fotoxx --- Image viewer, photo editor.
Hardinfo --- Hardware information.
Osmo  --- Personal organizer.
Geany --- Text editor and more.
NTFS-backup --- Backup and restore NTFS partitions.
Mtpaint  --- Image editor.
Gftp  --- FTP client.
X11vnc --- Remote desktop server.
Tightvnc-client  --- Remote vnc desktop client.
LameSMBxplorer  --- Samba share browser.
Pburn  --- CD/DVD Burner.

The Servers that have little GUIs:

PureFTPd --- FTP server
Money Web Server  --- Web server
Samba Server  --- SMB server

Lots of other stuff in there too, more applications I didn't list, over 80MB of kernel modules, the complete Xorg, and lots of libraries.

The ISO is 194MB, get it from here.