Foreign software packages (Debian/Ubuntu/Slack/...)

You may find many foreign packages (Debian/Ubuntu) that work, however many will not. This is because of incompatible libraries. You may be more successful if your foreign packages are released close close to the build date of Fatdog64 version you use. For example Fatdog 500 series (500, 510, 520/521) build date is 2009, so for Debian this would be Etch or Lenny. For Fatdog64 600 series released in 2012, you may be able to use Debian Squeeze. For Fatdog64 700 series, use Debian Jessie.

But even then this may not work, because of missing software libraries or how libraries are compiled differently in Fatdog. You can try to extend your luck by installing the missing libraries as well from your foreign package source, but this is pushing it.

If you still cannot get it work, either use similar package from Fatdog64 repository, or you'll probably need to compile that package from source.