Screen Brightness controls not working.

The sven keyboard daemon, which is in the system tray, calls a couple scripts to control the screen brightness. Unfortunately this varies a bit between computers. There's three things that can go wrong with this.

1) Sven isn't configured to use the correct keys for your computer.

2) The two scripts that Sven calls (/usr/bin/brightness-up and /usr/bin/brightness-down) could be using the wrong file in /sys

3) The two scripts that Sven calls (brightness-up and brightness-down) could be using too low of a value to increase or decrease the brightness. So it's actually working but it doesn't seem like it because you have to hit the key a hundred times.

So the first thing to do is open a terminal and type:
brightness-up and then press Enter.

If it changes the screen brightness then it's probably problem 1. If you get an error about file not found , then it's probably problem 2. If it doesn't return an error, but nothing seems to happen, then it's probably problem 3.

The brightness-up script looks like this:
DEVICE= #radeon_bl0, acpi_video0, etc

[ -z $DEVICE ] && DEVICE=$(ls $DEVPATH | head -n 1)
[ -z $DEVICE ] && exit 1

CURRENT=$(cat $DEVPATH/$DEVICE/actual_brightness)
MAX=$(cat $DEVPATH/$DEVICE/max_brightness)
if [ "$CURRENT" -gt "$MAX" ]; then CURRENT=$MAX; fi
echo $CURRENT > $DEVPATH/$DEVICE/brightness
For problem 3, you'll want to change CURRENT + 1 to maybe CURRENT + 100 and try again. For problem 2, you'll need to replace /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/ with the correct path. You'll also need to make the corresponding changes to /usr/bin/brightness-down.