logoThink you've found a bug?

Like all other creations of man, Fatdog64 is not perfect. From time to time you may encounter problems.

If you would like these problems to go away, the best way is to report them to the Fatdog64 threads in the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum. It is best that you file the report in the thread for the same version of Fatdog64 you're using (if you use Fatdog64 900, then report the bug in Fatdog64 900 threads and not in threads for Fatdog64 814).

Bug and problem resolution is done on best effort basis. Do not count on timely bug resolution - we're slow and lazy ☺

Note that at one time, there is only one version of Fatdog that is actively maintained - the current version. If you use older version of Fatdog, the support will depend on the community of Fatdog users who gathers around in Puppy Linux forum. Some times we do look into problems in earlier Fatdogs - but this is rare and very far between, so don't depend on it.

Note: please make sure you read all of the FAQs first before reporting to ensure the problem is genuine.