logoHow to use a different kernel

This instruction is for using one of the pre-packaged Fatdog kernels, replacing the current one that comes with your version of Fatdog. If instead, you just want to add some additional kernel modules you've built yourself; or if you compile a totally new kernel, please follow the instructions in here to rebuild and replace the kernel-modules.sfs in initrd.

There a a couple ways to use a different kernel. First go here and download vmlinuz-x.x.x and kernel-modules.sfs-x.x.x, where x.x.x is the kernel version that you want. Vmlinuz is the actual kernel and kernel-modules.sfs contains the kernel modules (drivers) that are built to work with it.

Preferred method - Replace the original kernel-modules.sfs in the initrd with the one you downloaded:

1)  Click on your initrd file. After a while the initrd will be extracted into a working folder and a new ROX window will open.
2)  Replace the kernel-modules.sfs with the one you downloaded. Make sure it's named "kernel-modules.sfs".
3)  Click on repack-initrd and the initrd will be updated.
4)  Replace the original vmlinuz with the one you downloaded.

Alternate method - Using hard drive install booting with grub:

1)  Copy vmlinuz-x.x.x to the same place as your original vmlinuz.
2)  Rename kernel-modules.sfs-x.x.x to kernel-modules.sfs then click on it to mount it. A ROX file browser window will pop up.
3)  From the mounted kernel-modules.sfs copy lib/modules/x.x.x to your system /lib/modules/.
4)  Then you can add a new entry for grub in menu.lst, just like your current entry but with the kernel named vmlinuz-x.x.x.
5)  Reboot using your new kernel.

You can also compile a new kernel by downloading the source from here , installing the devx sfs, and compiling.