How to make packages for Fatdog64

To make a pet package first download the source code want to compile and read any Readme or Install text files for information on how to compile. Typically it goes like this:

./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64
new2dir make install
The new2dir part will make a copy of all the files that get installed and place them in a folder ../<app name>-x86_64. Then you can run dir2pet on that new folder to create your pet package.

dir2pet <app name>-x86_64


Before making your package, it is a good idea to strip all of the binaries and any libraries to make them smaller. To do that you cd to the folder that contains any binaries or libraries and do:

strip --strip-unneeded *

This will make them smaller. You can also delete any thing else that is not needed and then make your pet package.