Tray Icons


A - This is the menu icon.

B -
This is desktop number 1.

C -
This is desktop number 2.

D -
This minimizes all windows.

E -
This opens the default internet browser.

F -
This opens a terminal window.

G -
This opens the ROX file browser.

H -
This is the Control Panel, system settings and utilities are found here.

I -
This is Glipper, use this when you cut and paste.

J -
This is Sven the multimedia daemon. Right click to set your preferences.

L -
These are the bluetooth controls, also look in the control panel.

M -
This displays the amount of free space in your save-file / save-folder or RAM disk if booting for the first time.

N -
This displays battery charge.

O -
This is Wpa_gui the network manager. Use this to connect to a wireless network. See "How to connect to a Network" for more information.

P - This controls the main volume level, click on "Mixer" to adjust all levels.

Q - This is the clock. Left click on it to show / hide the calendar.  Right click on it and then click "Configure" and then "Set date and time" to change date and time. For timezone setting look in the Control Panel.