EasyPup is a "classical Puppy", with scripts from Puppy Linux circa 2012/2013, the Racy and Wary 5.5 era, blended with packages and infrastructure (sans container support) from EasyOS.

More specifically, the Puppy-component of EasyPup is these files:


Everything else is from EasyOS. The version-numbering of EasyPup releases tracks easyOS, and almost all of the new features, fixes and improvements in the latest release of EasyOS will also apply to EasyPup.

2.2.10 release notes

This is lifted straight from the EasyOS 2.2.10 release notes:

Main improvements are refinements to hardware profiling and special handling of Intel GPUs, plus new apps. Also, the DEBs are bumped to Debian 10.3. Release notes:

  1. Handle special Intel GPUs 1 
  2. New ffplay-gtk media player 1 
  3. New screen brightness and tint control tray applet 1 
  4. Firmware for Intel network card 1 
  5. Bumped to 5.4.18 kernel 1   
  6. Debian DEBs now version 10.3
  7. fix for bluetoothd aborting 1 2 3
Item 7 introduces "dbus" dependency in pup_event service management, ensuring that the bluetooth daemon will start after the dbus daemon has started.

EasyPup-only release notes (since version 2.2.6):
  1. SFSget now works in EasyPup 1  
  2. Help pages fixed for EasyPup 1 

2.2.11 release notes

Lifted from the EasyOS 2.2.11 release notes:

  1. HelpSurfer crash workaround 1 
  2. German and French translations updated 1 2 
  3. SeaMonkey upgraded to version 2.53.1-beta1 1 
  4. New Skype SFS 1 
  5. EasyDD now handles ISO files (writing to USB-sticks) 1 2 
  6. Linux kernel 5.4.20 (with RTC drivers builtin, see point-3)
The previous version of SeaMonkey, 2.49.5, would sometimes crash X. Version 2.53.1-beta1 is so far looking more stable.

EasyPup-only release notes:
  1. EasyPup translation in initrd 1 
  2. For developers: files that transform EasyOS to EasyPup 1 

2.2.12 release notes

These are some of the EasyOS 2.2.12 release notes that also apply to EasyPup:

  1. SeaMonkey version 2.53.1 final 1 
  2. French and German translation upgrades 1 2 
  3. Snap2 package removed (hopefully temporarily) 1 2 
  4. HelpSurfer (local HTML viewer) crash fixed 1 
  5. fftag replaces pmetatagger 1

EasyPup-only release notes:

  1. Fix reboot to commandline 1 

The Linux kernel is still 5.4.20. The latest release is 5.4.23, however, instability was experienced on Barry's HP desktop PC.

2.2.14 release notes

These are some of the EasyOS 2.2.14 release notes that also apply to EasyPup:

  1. Blueman version 2.1.2 1 
  2. Snap2 backup manager returns 1 2 3 
  3. Linux kernel 5.4.27 1 
  4. gtkdialog with vte support 1 
  5. New pdvdrip DVD ripper 1 
  6. New fftag metadata editor 1 
  7. New PackIt and Uextract 1 
  8. Various updates, improvements and fixes 1 2 3

There are no EasyPup-only release notes.

EasyPup has the "Puppy Universal Installer" (see Setup menu), which can be used to install to an internal drive -- you are offered "full" or "frugal" install, and usually you would choose frugal. The installer then shows how to modify the GRUB1 and GRUB4DOS boot manager menu to add the new installation to the boot choices.
However, if you have a modern PC with UEFI-BIOS, you will install either GRUB2 or reFind boot manager. In the case of reFind, there is a blog post to set it up with a frugal installation of EasyPup:


2.2.16 release notes

The kernel has remained at 5.4.27. Lots of little changes this time, and one new PET. These are the same as EasyOS:

  1. New download-only button in PPM 1 
  2. New getNVIDIA PET 1 
  3. mtPaint updated to version 3.49.25 1 
  4. PackIt PET right-click menu fixed 1 
  5. Various improvements and fixes 1  2  3 

EasyPup-only release notes:

  1. Booting in RAM-only, partition was mounted 1 

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