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Some of the history of Quirky Linux and description of recent releases is here.

The "April" series of Quirky is compiled totally from source packages, using T2 (as described in above link). Quirky "Werewolf" differs in that it is built with Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf binary DEBs.

It must be emphasised that the mere fact of using Ubuntu DEBs does not make Quirky a clone of Ubuntu. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quirky Werewolf behaves just like the April series, with the one difference that packages can be installed from the Ubuntu DEB repositories. The binary compatibility with Ubuntu offers a huge collection of packages, which is the main attraction of this series.

However, some functionality of Ubuntu is castrated, such as systemd and udev. These differences may mean that some Ubuntu DEBs may not work properly (but the vast majority should be fine).

There have been quirkies built from earlier Ubuntu releases. See release notes for "Tahr" and "Unicorn".

Barry Kauler
November 2015