Install Quirky Xerus

I am providing image files for an 8GB micro-SD card. The file is compressed, using 'xz' compression. To write to the SD-card, running Linux, do this:
  1. Make sure the card is inserted but not mounted.
  2. Execute this in a terminal, in this example /dev/sdb is the SD-card:
    > unxz --stdout quirky-pi2-sd-8gb-xerus-8.1.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
    > sync
Afterward, plug the micro-SD card into the Pi2 or Pi3 (not the Pi1) and power-on.

At first bootup, QuickSetup will run, which is a window that offers various configuration options. If you have written the image to an SD-card that is bigger than the "8GB" image, say a 16GB SD-card, there will be a checkbox offering to increase the filesystem to fill the drive -- it is recommended to tick it.

Barry Kauler