Quirky Pyro32 0.5

This is an alpha release of Quirky Pyro32, compiled from source in OpenEmbedded and built with woofQ.

Most effort these days goes into the 64-bit build, however, there is still a demand for a 32-bit build, for older PCs that do not have a 64-bit CPU, or if they do, it is still preferable to run a 32-bit distro.

This build is for PCs with BIOS-firmware, not for modern post-2012 PCs with UEFI-firmware. A Pentium-Pro or later CPU is required -- the Pentium-Pro was introduced in 1998, and is a 32-bit CPU. This build will work on later 64-bit CPUs, they will just run in 32-bit mode.


There are three choices:

1. pyro32-0.5-8gb.img.gz

This is an image for a 8GB (or bigger) USB Flash stick. There is a utility provided, easydd.gz, that will work in most Linux distros, for writing this image to a USB Flash drive. Or, use a GUI tool, as explained here:

2. pyro32-0.5.usfs.xz

This is the smallest download, a raw image, that can be installed to any drive or partition. The scripts 4install-quirky-to-drive-mbr.gz and 4install-quirky-to-partition.gz can be used. This option is for those familiar with the Linux commandline. The scripts may not work on some Linux distros.

3. pyro32-0.5.iso

This is a live-CD image. Use your favourite CD-burning tool.


At the time of release, there are a couple of known bugs:

1. xcalc crashes
This is a calculator. It brings Xorg down with it.

2. Syslinux is incomplete
Remastering of a live-CD might not work. /usr/share/syslinux is missing isohdpfx.bin and ldlinux.c32. These can be found in this file, if you want to try a manual fix:


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Barry Kauler
Nov. 5, 2017