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Command Line and Reference Sheet


  1. Linux commands
2. Directories and their function
3. Important configuration files 4. VectorLinux Configuration Tools
5. Credits


Linux command Description


cd x or cd /x

cd .. or cd ../ or cd /..

ls or dir


mv x y

cp x y

rm x

mkdir x

rmdir x

rm -r x

df or df x


man x

less x or more x







chmod <permissions> <file>

chown <owner:group> <file>

ls -l x

ln -s x y

find x -name y -print


kill x

killall -KILL pgm

killall -HUP pgm

[alt] + F1 - F7


start pgm where pgm is a program found in the $PATH

start pgm (allocated in current dir.)

go to directory x

go back one directory

list a directory

display a textfile on the terminal

move or rename file x to file y

copy file x to file y

delete a file

make a directory

remove a directory

remove directory x and all its underlying files

Show free space on device x

view memory status (q to quit)

get a manual page about command x

view text file x

print something on the screen mainly used in scripts

similar to Norton Commander in DOS

to make a device usable to the system (CD-ROM,other HD)

umount to remove the device from being usable to the system

to shutdown. It will also power off if APM or ACPI is being used

to reboot the system

change file permissions

change file ownership

perform a detailed directory listing for file or directory x

make a symbolic link to x called y

find file y, begin the search from within directory x and print the results to screen

to view all running processes

to terminate process x (x is PID from ps)

to kill the program called pgm

to force program pgm to restart - used in case configuration is changed

switch to terminal 1 - 7

to write boot information changes to disk

to start the XFree86 GUI
Directories and their function














the root of the directory tree this is the base

the device pointer directory all devices have an entry here

main CLI executables

main CLI system executables

location of the kernel and boot information required to boot the system

system configuration files

root user home directory

normal user base directory

system libraries and kernel modules

main user binary,documentation, library location

extra binary/documentation,library location - eg. KDE,Gnome

system log files,spoolers,etc

temporary folder for running applications that need temp files

proc filesystem for kernel interaction - this is everything the kernel knows

filesystem mount point for extra devices and drives
Important configuration files























boot loader configuration file - you must run "lilo" after any changes

kernel module loader configuration used by the modprobe command

system runlevel configuration file - tells init what to do for each runlevel

filesystem mounting configuration file - used by the mount command

library configuration file - used by the ldconfig command to find libraries

tcp wrapper configuration - used to start ftp and other network daemons

local host resolution file

system hostname file

system defaults for bash login default paths,colours,etc

system halt script - run when you issue halt

system reboot script - run when you issue reboot or [ctrl] + [alt] + [del]

runlevel 1 or system administration mode

main system boot script - run when you boot up

main local startup script - activates other services you have chosen

GUI startup script used when runlevel 5 is selected in /etc/inittab

SysV Init script starter

network startup script

network card module loader - newer versions will just be added to modules.conf

system module loader - run at startup

hotplug starter script - for USB and PCI hotplug devices

pcmcia service script - for use with laptops

local startup script for user space programs

XFree86 3.3.6 configuration file

XFre86 4.2.1 configuration file
Vector Linux Specific Configuration Tools




main administrative and services men

Software Plaza tool



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