A collection of answers contributed by VL users to some frequently asked questions. Taken from the online forums.

Installing VectorLinux.

Frequently asked questions installing VectorLinux

System administration.


Root vs. sudo

Sudo command and security

Installing Packages

Installed packages can´t be found

Failure Messages at Bootup or Shutdown

Linux command line

Xserver configuration

Why does X start up in a low resolution?

Why does my soundcard not work/exist?

Why does my mouse keep jumping?

Why is the keyboard layout wrong in X?

Booting to text mode

Desktop Configuration.

Virtual Screen/Changing Resolution

Adding icons to your desktop

iceWM setup

Device Administration.

Hard Drive Info

CD-ROM doesn't read files

Unable to copy files to Floppy

Windows 98, Drive Access


How to setup PPP




Playing multimedia files with xmms

Using Xcdroast for CD burning

Windows related.

Windows 98 C: Drive Access

Wine, running Windows applications in Linux


Copy and Paste in Linux

Is there a find tool in Linux ?

Taking ScreenShots

From Vector Linux to Slackware

Documentation and HowTOs

Vector Linux Commands Reference Sheet

Setting up CDROM and CD-RW

Printing Quickstart Guide

SAMBA Quickstart Guide

KDE Tips

Packages and Building from Source

ALSA under Vector Linux

ANIMATED Lilo bootscreens

PCMCIA howto for laptops

Howto - Install PCTel HSP MicroModem 56/PCT789T

Dressing Up IceWM

Kernel Compilation Howto

Kernel 2.6.x Compilation Howto