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2009-Nov-04: Version 0.9.6 is released.

2009-Oct-03: Version 0.9.5 is released.

2007-Nov-17: Ufiformat's spec file for rpm package was contributed by Kabe.

2007-Nov-10: Version 0.9.4 is released.

2006-Nov-25: Version 0.9.3 is released. Patch contributed by Martin.

2006-Mar-08: As a result of co-work with John Floyd, new version 0.9.2 is released.

New features: details in ChangeLog

This is formatting disk utility for USB floppy devices.

Usage: ufiformat [OPTION]... [DEVICE]
Format a floppy disk in a USB floppy disk DEVICE.

  -f, --format [SIZE]  specify format capacity SIZE in KB
                       without -f option, the format of the current media will be used.
  -F, --force          do not perform any safety checks
  -i, --inquire        show device information, instead of performing format
                       without DEVICE argument, list USB floppy disk devices
  -v, --verbose        show detailed output
  -q, --quiet          suppress minor output
  -h, --help           show this message
        To format a media keeping its current geometry:  ufiformat /dev/sda
        To format a media for 2hd(1.44MB):ufiformat -f 1440 /dev/sda
        To list USB floppy devices:ufiformat -i
        To show USB floppy device information:ufiformat -i /dev/sda
To use this program, both /dev/sd* and /dev/sg* need to be accessible.
High-level formatting is usually needed after using this program(ex. mkfs.vfat -I /dev/sda).

This program is based around the following document:

"Universal Serial Bus Mass Storage Class - UFI Command Specification" Revision 1.0 December 14 1998


Old sources:

This program is under GPL.

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