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What's Danpei

Danpei is a Gtk+ based Image Viewer, works on X-Window system.

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

You can download the latest version from Project summary at Sourceforge.net.

Screen shot #1(JPEG, 104KB)    Screen shot #2(JPEG, 91KB)


  1. Rename files very easily

    You can rename your image files very easily only by changing their file names in entries, looking through them in Thumbnail format.

    This is very convenient when arranging the pictures taken in from your digital camera.

  2. Cache files

    Created thumbnails are cached, and from next time, 'Danpei' will display them quickly.

  3. File operations like Windows Explorer

    You can move or copy your image files with cut & paste, and can create new directories or remove diretories.

    Cut & paste is possible to two or more files.

  4. Drag and Drop

    You can move your image files from a directory to another one with drag and drop.

  5. View/Edit image files

    You can view or edit your image files with your favorite applications. -- ImageMagick, Gimp etc.

  6. Print out images.

    You can start an arbitrary command to print out your image files.

  7. Small size

    The size of tarball is about 410KB, of elf binary after 'strip' is about 180KB.



Move to your working directory, and input as follows:

$ tar -zxvf danpei.x.y.z.tar.gz
$ cd danpei-x.y.z
$ ./configure; make
$ su
[Enter password]
# make install

If you failed to install, check that all needed libraries are installed.


It seems that Danpei works well under the following environments:

I tried only Slackware Linux.

The others are reported from people who are using Danpei -- Thanks!!

Stating Danpei

Moving to the directory on which the image files are, and input from a command line:

$ danpei

or in an arbitrary directory,

$ danpei directory [on which the image files are]

The format is:

danpei [-size widthxheight] [directory]

$ danpei
$ danpei ~/camera
$ danpei -size 480x320 ~/camera

* -size is the window size. (Actually, directory tree + thumbnail pane)

* Danpei makes a new directory $HOME/.danpei to put chache files and its configuration file.

About operation

You can operate Danpei using menu bar and your mouse.

* Buttons on the toolbar is shortcut to the menu bar items.

Using mouse, you can get the following operations.

  1. Double click the left button -- View the image zoomed in.

  2. Single click the right button -- Show a pop up menu.

  3. Drag and Drop -- Drag the selected thumbnail, and drop them on the directory tree.
    Then the files will be moved.

You can rename files by changing their names in the entries.
They will be renamed when the entry get a focus-out event.
* Ordinally, when you push TAB key.

For more information, see the file README included in the tarball.

Known BUGs

All version

On RedHat linux 8.0, BlueCurve changes the appearance of GtkFrame.

Because of this, you can't recognize thumbnails are selected or not selected.(selected thumbnail and non-selected thumbnail will have same appearance)

Please edit your ~/.gtkrc and comment out the line including BlueCurve theme.


No bugs are reported.

2.9.5 - 2.9.6

No bugs are reported.

2.9.0 - 2.9.4

The embedded image viewer occures memory leak.

2.8.0 - 2.9.1

Danpei often crashes when opening too long and narrow image.


Bug report

Please e-mail to me, when you encounter bugs.

Shinji Morino <peace24_at_blue_dot_email_dot_ne_dot_jp>

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