Basic keyboard shortcuts

A complete list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts can be viewed from the "Fatdog64 Keyboard Mouse Shortcuts" applet located in the "Desktop" tab of the Fatdog64 Control Panel.

Ctrl-Alt-Backspace  --- This will kill the X windows server and you'll be at a terminal prompt. To restart the X server type xwin.

Ctrl-c  --- This kills a script that is running in a terminal.

Ctrl-d  --- Signal that we want to terminate input.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 to F7 --- This will swich you to different virtual terminals. F4 or F7 is the X server's terminal.

`  --- (the "backtick" key) This key will cause a terminal window to open in the current folder that ROX has open.

Shift-Delete --- This copies text in the terminal.

Shift-Insert  ---  This pastes text in the terminal.

Shift-PrintScreen  ---  Wait 5 seconds and then capture snapshot of screen. Result is saved in $HOME.

PrintScreen  ---  Toggle screen-capture mode. Right click to size capture area, release button to capture.

Alt-F1  ---  Open window manager menus.

Alt-F2  ---  Open command launcher.

Alt-F3  ---  Open application launcher.

Alt-F4  ---  Close currently active application.

Win-e  ---  Open ROX file manager as root - opens root's home (/root)

Win-g  ---  Open ROX file manager as spot - opens spots home (/home/spot)

Win-t  ---  Open Terminal.

Win-k  ---  Kill process. The cursor will change to a skull; click the cursor on the window of the program you want to stop.

More shortcuts can be configured using Sven multmedia daemon.