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linuxmint-20.2-cinnamon-64bit-edge.iso2021-Jul-06 15:15:462.2Gapplication/x-iso9660-image
linuxmint-20.2-cinnamon-64bit.iso2021-Jul-03 09:13:132.0Gapplication/x-iso9660-image
linuxmint-20.2-mate-64bit.iso2021-Jul-03 12:15:421.9Gapplication/x-iso9660-image
linuxmint-20.2-xfce-64bit.iso2021-Jul-03 13:47:391.9Gapplication/x-iso9660-image
sha256sum.txt2021-Jul-08 06:05:460.3Ktext/plain; charset=utf-8
sha256sum.txt.gpg2021-Jul-08 06:06:330.8Kapplication/octet-stream
The Edge ISO image is not recommended. It is not as stable as the other ISOs.

This release ships with a 5.4 kernel.

The Edge ISO ships with a 5.11 kernel.

If you cannot boot or install Linux Mint with the regular ISO images,
you can try the Edge ISO instead.

For more information on Edge ISO images: