Fatdog64 700 beta2 Release Notes

Fatdog64 700 beta2 was released on 26 October 2014.

Fatdog64 700 is a new major release of Fatdog64. All of its five-hundred-odd base packages have been updated to the latest and greatest. Fatdog64 700 is now based on LFS and BLFS 7.5, and uses Slackware-style packages (but is not based on Slackware).

Beta2 is the third public release of Fatdog64 700, alpha1 being the first one.

Changes from 700 beta1:


and numerous bug fixes and fine tunings.

Note: Due to problems with fontconfig in beta1 all packages were rebuilt along with the new gcc. If you have downloaded packages from the repo before this rebuild you should download them again. Make sure you use a new savefile or savefolder for testing.

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