Fatdog64 700rc Release Notes

Fatdog64 700rc was released on 12 February 2015.

Fatdog64 700 is a new major release of Fatdog64. All of its five-hundred-odd base packages have been updated to the latest and greatest. Fatdog64 700 is now based on LFS and BLFS 7.5, and uses Slackware-style packages (but is not based on Slackware).

700rc is the third public release of Fatdog64 700, after alpha, beta1 and beta2.
It will be the last test release.

Fatdog64-700rc Release Notes

Fatdog64-700rc was released on 12 Feb 2015

Changes from 700 beta2:


New Features:

and numerous bug fixes (reported by SFR and others) and fine tunings.

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