Fatdog64-702 Release Notes

Fatdog64-702 was released on 7 Feb 2016.

Fatdog64-702 is the third release of Fatdog64 700 series. It is mainly an update release, containing all rolled-up updates that have happened since the last 701 release. Of special note, 702 uses the same kernel as 700/701 so all self-built kernel modules as well as nvidia and radeon drivers will continue to work.

Newer kernels are available in the repo and can be installed using the Fatdog Updater.

Changes from Fatdog64 701:


New features:

and numerous bug fixes and fine tunings.

Credits for this release: SFR (many bug reports and fixes, contributed packages), L18L (internationalisation and localisation, locale-switcher, momanager, translations, etc), step (bug report and fixes), and all other contributors and testers.

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