VectorLinux 5
Deluxe Edition

  What is the Deluxe Edition?

Vector Linux DELUXE is available from our CD-Store; it is intended for professionals. extending the Standard edition with over 350 MB of additional applicactions which you can install individually to build the system exactly as you need it.
VectorLinux DELUXE also includes a printed Installation guide !

Additional applications that you won't find with the base download version include: KDE, Gnome, enlightenment, apache, mysql, the gimp, python, php, OpenOffice, several DEVELOPMENT programs along with their needed libraries, and several Network and Multimedia extra applications.

CD sales are the only form of revenue available to VectorLinux to help offset the costs of running this business. We have put a great deal of time, energy and love into the formulation of this product. Your generousity is sincerely appreciated. Purchasing a CD product lets us know that you care and want us to continue developing and producing a better Linux for you.

The requirements for the Deluxe edition can vary according to what you decide to install, however we would recommend a system that meets these requirements so you can enjoy even the most demanding applications:
  • Processor: Pentium III compatible or better (so you may use AMD).
  • Hardisk: 2000-3000 MB for the system, plus some more for your data.
  • Memory: 256 MB for comfort.
  • Video card and Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution, 24 bit color.
  • Standard mouse, keyboard, sound card, CDROM, etc

  About Vector Linux

Vector Linux founder is Robert S. Lange from Canada. After gaining popularity, more developers joined the project, literally, from all over the world. You can join us too at Vector Linux´s online forum.

Meet you there...


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