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Vector Linux is a lightweight distro with hand picked, well integrated software. It is distributed in several flavours for specific purposes. There are 3 main flavours to choose:

  • Vector Linux. The foundation, ideally suited for an Internet workstation.
  • Vector Linux Deluxe. For sale. It has better support and more than 350 MB of additional software bundled on the CD.
  • Vector Linux SOHO. Ready out of the box for office use, built around KDE.

Then there are also some contributed flavours. These are unofficial and not guaranteed to be sustainable.

Being a specific distro, Vector Linux does not bother you with too much options, like the general purpose, big, mostly bloated, distros. Just pick a flavour, and you will get a light, fast, and very stable system, yet surprisingly fancy and user friendly. Newbies love the simplicity of auto setup and the software range, while hackers find it as a clean and powerfull base to play with. More people are simply hooked because only Vector Linux can run reasonably well on their beloved old computers and for the fact that it is an excellent distro to really learn what goes on behind the scenes.


Since version 5.0, Vector Linux has a better integrated software repository. From there, you can download:
  • An ISO-file from /iso, /iso-soho, or /iso-dynamite directory. Of course, you are free to download more than one flavour.
  • To install the ISO-file you may need some tools from the /install directory.
  • The /packages directory contains additional software. You can download them manually, or use the vecpkg after installing the distro.

Known mirror sites are:


  Documentation / Help
Local documentation you may want to read:
  • Vector Linux Manuals. Here you will find several friendly documents, including a General Installation guide, which explains many ways of installing Vector Linux, including the direct ISO-file method (so you don't have to burn the ISO-file to the CDROM). Once the installation starts up, the process is simple and quick. Your system will be ready to run in under 15 minutes !
  • Vector Linux FAQs. Collection of the best articles from our community. For more updated ones, visit Vector Linux WIKI or Forum.
  • Browser Test Bed. Some pages to test your browser´s capabilities.


  Online Links

Vector Linux online links you might be interested in:

  • Vector Linux homepage. Our online headquarter.
  • Vector Linux forum. Come and meet us here. It's as pleasant as a Sunday market. One of the best support communities on the planet.
  • Vector Linux WIKI. Community documentation for Vector Linux. Arguably the most updated ones. A must visit site. Please come, read and contribute.
  • Vector Linux bug tracker. Please report here if you find anything wierd.
  • Slackware. Our uncle. You can borrow packages from here, also learn how to do something in the old fashioned way.


  About Vector Linux

Vector Linux founder is Robert S. Lange from Canada. After gaining popularity, more developers joined the project, literally, from all over the world. You can join us too at Vector Linux´s online forum.

Meet you there...


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