VectorLinux 5
Standard Edition

  What´s in the Standard Edition?

Vector Linux STANDARD provides a lean and mean Linux system. It is optimized for lightweight and speed, and contains best of breed applications for every task in small systems:

  • Complete and well integrated Internet clients (web browsing, email, ftp, chat, messenger)
  • Multimedia system.
  • Light Office (editor, word processor, spreadsheets, graphics)
  • Printing and Networking.

It is the foundation of other VL flavours and ideally suited for an Internet workstation.

It is recommended that your system meets these requirements:
  • Pentium compatible processor (i586 and up).
  • 1.2 GB of hard disk space for the system, then you need more for swap and personal files.
  • 64 MB of memory, spare 128 MB for comfort
  • Suitable Video card and Monitor.
  • Standard mouse, keyboard, sound card, CDROM, etc

If you are ready, the ISO file is about 400MB, free to download.

  Features Illustrated
Installation: simple and quick with autosetup.
Base: Linux kernel 2.6.x with fast init system
GUI login: WDM, light but allows windows manager selection
Session 1: Fluxbox, the geeks choice
Session 2: IceWM reloaded and Rox pinboard
Session 3: XFCE4, the non-fat desktop manager.
Internet: Firefox with MPlayer, Flash, Java, and PDF plugins
Internet: Sylpheed email, gFTP, gaim, xchat, gtk-gnutella.
Multimedia: XMMS and MPlayer with ALSA.
Productivity: Abiword, Bluefish, GQView, GIMP.
Services: CUPS Printing and SAMBA Networking.
Development: Complete GNU C/C++ and Midnight Commander
Administration: VASM, configurator that make you know what is going on.
Package management: VLAPT and slapt-get, easy to download and install more packages now

  About Vector Linux

Vector Linux founder is Robert S. Lange from Canada. After gaining popularity, more developers joined the project, literally, from all over the world. You can join us too at Vector Linux´s online forum.

Meet you there...


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