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Vector Linux is a fast, lightweight Linux distribution with hand picked, well integrated software. It is based upon Slackware Linux and hence is sleak, stable and secure. In addition, VectorLinux (VL) enhances basic Slackware with an easier installer, friendlier System Administration and Packaging facilities and many other enhancements. There are four editions to choose from:

  • Vector Linux Standard. Our foundation edition, ideally suited for an Internet workstation and specifically designed for older computers. Secure, stable, sleak and fast. Fits within 1.8-2.2GB of hard disk space, but includes a complete suite of un-bloated software. Incredibly fast on modern computers.
  • Vector Linux Deluxe. For sale from our CD Store, to help support VectorLinux. Includes VL Standard but with more than 1000 MB of additional software bundled onto a second CD. This two CD package features a custom XFCE- desktop with popular productivity applications like OpenOffice-2.10, XLARA, and the GIMP. There is automatic support for printers, scanners, USB hardware and CDRW/DVD drives. There are several new multimedia programs and libraries, the latest network applications and development programs along with their required libraries. The second CDROM features the FreeRock Gnome 2.14.2 which includes the Evolution contact manager and email program and a wealth of other gnome applications (over 200 packages). For you bleeding edge types the Enlightenment 17 packages (with vector customizations and easy installer), the kernel sources and non-free applications like Opera, Acrobat Reader, nVidia drivers, ATI dirvers and Real Player. We even have KDE-3.5.5 as an installation option.
  • Vector Linux SOHO. Our "Small Office, Home Office" edition, built around the KDE Desktop Environment. Includes a large assortment of office and multimedia software - ready out of the box for advanced desktop use. Designed for modern computers but still optimized and one of the faster, modern Linux distributions available.
  • Vector Linux LIVE. We also have a Live version of VectorLinux: as at February 1st, 2007 the latest version available is VL 5.8-LIVE-Beta1. This version can also be installed to the hard disk. The Live VectorLinux version is an excellent choice for those wanting to try out VL for the first time, or for those wanting to use their favourite operating system on any computer that can boot from a CDROM drive. The Live version can be downloaded from the mirror sites below. For more information on these new Live versions please visit the VectorLinux Forum.
  • Vector Linux Dynamite. Dynamite is the testbed for future VectorLinux releases and as such is not stable and is not recommended for newbies or for newcomers to VectorLinux. It may explode at any moment! It is available for downloading for those who enjoy bleeding edge distros and for those who would like to help debug future versions of VectorLinux. The current Dynamite version has been superceded by VL 5.8 Standard.

To download any version other than the Deluxe Edition please visit our download mirrors page or see the Downloading Section below.

Vector Linux does not complicate your life with bloat and unnecessary services - choose any of our editions (other than Dynamite) and you will get a light, fast, stable system that is still surprisingly user-friendly. Installation is quick and easy, and the end result is a system that caters to 'newbies' and Linux-gurus alike. Combining automated hardware setup, system administration via 'VASM', advanced package management (akin to the Debian apt system) via Slapt-get/Gslapt, a solid development and build environment, and VL's legedendary speed, this Linux distribution seldom disappoints. In addition, VL provides a clean, powerful base for experts to tweak, and is an excellent distro for users who are keen to learn what goes on 'behind the scenes' of their operating system.


  Downloading and Installing

Our primary software download site is ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/vectorlinux/ but other known reliable mirror sites as at February 1st, 2007 are:

There are a number of methods by which you can actually install VectorLinux: from a CD burned as an iso image, direct from an iso image on a hard disk, from an iso image on a MS Windows system and from a bootable floppy disk. Please read the VectorLinux Installation Guide before attempting any of these methods.


  Documentation / Help
Local documentation you may want to read:
  • Vector Linux Manuals. This is the link for the primary VectorLinux documentation. You should find these guides will answer many of your questions regarding VL, including Installation, System Adminstration and Packages. There are nine manuals altogether and by reading them you will certainly become at least an intermediate class VectorLinux user!
  • Vector Linux FAQs. A collection of the best Frequently Asked Questions and Responses from the VectorLinux community. For more updated ones, visit the VectorLinux Forum.
  • Vector Linux HOWTOs. A collection of the best HOWTO document links to our HOWTO Forum. Here you will find methods for solving common problems.
  • Browser Test Bed. Some pages to test your browser´s capabilities.


  Online Links

Vector Linux and other links you might be interested in:

  • VectorLinux Homepage. Our online headquarters.
  • VectorLinux Forum. Come and meet the VectorLinux community here. We are friendly and helpful and there is a load of useful information contained within. The developers frequent the forum every day. We believe it to be one of the best support communities on the planet!
  • Slackware. VectorLinux is based upon Slackware. You can download Slackware packages for use in VL, and learn about VL's roots.
  • Linux Packages. A general package repository for Slackware packages. You may find interesting Slackware packages at this site, but we recommend you read and understand the VL Packaging System Manual before downloading and packages from either the Slackware or LinuxPackages site.
  • Linux Online. A wonderful resource for general Linux documentation, tutorials and HOWTO's. If you really want to delve into Linux this is the place to start reading.


  About Vector Linux

Vector Linux was founded by Robert S. Lange of Canada in 1999. After gaining popularity, more developers joined the project, making VL-development a truly international endeavour. You too can join us at the Vector Linux Forum.

Hope to see you there soon!


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