Fatdog64-801 Final Release Notes

Fatdog64-801 Final was released on 3 May 2019.

Fatdog64-801 GNU/Linux is the second release of Fatdog64 800 series, which is based on LFS 8.2/CLFS 2017.07.

This release is mainly a bug fix release, combining all the bugfixes and minor feature updates that has happened since 800 release. This release is approximately 300 commits after 800 release.

As usual Fatdog64 does not upgrade from any older version. Especially there is a rather large desktop/WM infrastructure changes to better support running other desktops (e.g. xfce) and tricky graphics cards such as nvidia optimus.
If you are updating from earlier series (721 or older), it is highly recommended to view Fatdog64 800 Release Notes in order to see what have changed.

Please report all bugs to the forum support thread.

Changes from 800:


New Features:


Known Issues:

Note: these lists are not exhaustive.

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