FatdogArm Beta2 Release Notes

FatdogArm Beta2 was released on 1 October 2014.

FatdogArm Linux is a small yet versatile operating system for ARM platform, targeted for desktop-style operations. It was originally conceived as a port from its bigger and more well-known Fatdog64 Linux: the Alpha version of FatdogArm (of which the latest version was Alpha4) is a direct port from Fatdog64, as documented here).

The beta series is a native build (on top of Alpha4). For more information on beta1, please see Beta1 Release Notes.

Beta2 changes

Beta2 is a minor release. It is mainly for bugfixes, updated scripts from recently released Fatdog64 700, and updated platform support.

Beta2 add support for an additional platform: cubox-i (Freescale i.MX6DL and i.MX6Q), in addition it comes with updated kernel-package for Odroid U2/U3.

Cubox-i platform support provides working sound, network, wifi, and hardware accelerated video playback and 3D drivers from Freescale; they are located in the repository. It comes with 3.10.30 kernel.

Odroid U2/U3 support is updated with recently new kernel release from upstream (hardkernel.com) with support for r4p0. One obvious change is that the framebuffer is now located at /dev/fb0. It also supports hardware accelerated video playback as well (using gstreamer 1.x), these are located in the repository too.

These platforms continue to be supported although there is no new kernel package for them: Mele A1000 (Allwinner A10), Cubieboard2 (Allwinner A20), OLPC XO-1.75 (Marvell Armada 610), OLPC XO-4 (Marvell PXA2128). Please use kernel package from Beta1.

Beta2 changes its SFS packaging to follow Fatdog64 700 packaging. Its SFS is now split into three

The basesfs now no longer contains headers and static libs; they are all now contained in devx, making it smaller for the same functionality.

Please refer to Beta1 Release Notes for installation instructions. Cubox-i's installation instruction is similar, and the instruction for bootloader installation is in the README inside its kernel package.

Previous release notes: beta1 alpha4 alpha3 alpha2 alpha

(Note: Only alpha4 binaries are still available; the rest have been removed).