Fatdog64-902 Final Release Notes

Fatdog64-902 Final was released 15 June 2024.

The Fatdog64 team is pleased to announce the third release of Fatdog64 GNU/Linux 900 series, which is based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) 11.3.

This is a special release to mitigate LInux kernel bug CVE 2024-1086.


Get the ISO image from here: ibiblio.org | uoc.gr | nluug.nl.

The corresponding devx, nls and 32-bit compatibility library, and the kernel source SFS can be can be downloaded using the "SFS Manager" applet located in Fatdog64 Control Panel's "System" tab.

The ISO builder for this release is dated 2024.06 and the package list is 902-pkglist.tar.xz. It can be downloaded from ibiblio.org or one of the mirrors.

For new users

Fatdog64 is an operating system. To use it, you need to boot your computer with it.

If you need to boot on a machine with Secure Boot enabled, please make sure you read this first.

For further questions, please check these FAQ pages first.

The FAQ pages are also available locally. If you're running Fatdog64 already you can view the FAQ by visiting file:///usr/share/doc/faqs/faq.html or clicking the "question mark" icon on the desktop.

To provide feedback, please visit Fatdog64 section of Puppy Linux Forum.

For existing users

If you install Fatdog64 in the recommended way, upgrading Fatdog64 is a matter of replacing two files: vmlinuz and initrd. If you use devx/nls/32-bit compatibility library SFS, you can install new versions from the SFS Manager.

Fatdog64 DOES NOT upgrade an existing savefile/savefolder. Generally speaking, you need to use a new savefile/savefolder for every new release of Fatdog64. You might get away re-using an existing savefile/savefolder from the previous release, but this is unsupported, and more often than not would cause hard-to-troubleshoot problems later.

This is specially true for series update (from 800 series to 900 series as an example), as a new series will use a new and completely different base.

IMPORTANT: If you still run earlier Fatdog series (700 or 600) and want to upgrade to 900, please read the notes/warnings noted in Fatdog64 802/801/800 forum thread. Note that the "make-spot-more-secure" script referenced in those notes has been removed (you need a new savefile/savefolder anyway), however all the other points listed there are still valid.

Older packages from previous series

Generally speaking, please do not expect packages from the previous 800 series to work. Some of them may still work, but they are not supported and you are advised to upgrade to newer version of the packages, if available.

This applies to both standard TXZ packages and SFS archives as well.

Special note: This release uses openssl from 3.1.x branch, which is known to be incompatible with the openssl 1.1.x/1.0.x branch that was used in earlier Fatdog64 series.

We provide a compatibility openssl 1.1.x package (called "openssl-compat" in the Gslapt repo) to support those who absolutely need to run older packages with no upgrade path (e.g. proprietary applications), but your success may vary.

Older packages that depend on 1.0.x are __NOT__ supported.

Changes from Fatdog64 901:

The following list of updates, new features and changes is only partial.


and numerous bug fixes and fine tunings.

New Features:

Known Issues:

Full list of packages included in the ISO image



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