logoFrequently Asked Questions

Listed in no particular order.
  1. Primer for Puppy Linux users
  2. Panel icons
  3. How to connect to a network
  4. My Broadcom Wireless does not work
  5. How to install Fatdog64 to BIOS machine
  6. The five possible ways to install Fatdog64 to a UEFI machine
    1. Install to a flash drive
    2. Install to a flash drive (alternative method)
    3. Install to a harddisk when UEFI firmware supports multiple boot loaders
    4. Install to a harddisk when UEFI firmware does not support multiple boot loaders →
    5. Windows-only: LICK installer (actually this works for BIOS too)
  7. How to install Fatdog64 to a flash drive that works for both BIOS and UEFI machines
  8. Where can I find rEFInd boot loader?
  9. How to add keys to boot with Secure Boot enabled (Windows 8).
  10. How does Fatdog's layered filesystem work?
  11. Browser won't save to xxxx or import my bookmarks
  12. Okay I understand browser runs as spot, but then why cannot browser yet read contents of /root/spot?
  13. I'm auto logged in as root, what's up with that?
  14. How do I install extra packages for Fatdog?
  15. I have amassed a large collection of pet packages from earlier Fatdogs, how do I use them now?
  16. How can I share files with other computers on my network?
  17. My laptop's touch pad ................
  18. Blank screen! (or texts are too small)
  19. My screen brightness controls don't work
  20. No sound!
  21. Why doesn't this Debian/Ubuntu package work?
  22. How can I make a new package?
  23. How can I make a new SFS package?
  24. How can I recompile one kernel module?
  25. How can I replace the kernel modules in the initrd?
  26. How to use a different kernel
  27. How to temporarily boot with a different kernel
  28. Basic keyboard short cuts
  29. How to use Fatdog64's built in sandbox environment
  30. User Mode Linux (UML) environment
  31. Boot options
  32. Humongous initrd (or, why does my computer boot slowly?)
  33. Printing problems?
  34. How to play BluRays
  35. Found a bug?
  36. How to enable the firewall
  37. How to change default programs (default browser, default editor, etc)?
  38. My savefile is not loaded after reboot!
  39. Clean desktop, I don't like it. How to put program icons back to desktop?
  40. How can I update my Browser or Flash Player?
  41. Can I use Netflix with Fatdog64?
  42. What happened to the Flash Player?
  43. Small lines or video noise in Google Chrome.
  44. How can I enlarge my savefile
  45. Bad 2d performance, tearing, or freezing with Radeon.
  46. Screen tearing, applications crashing on Nouveau
  47. OpenGL 2.1 not supported on Intel graphics
  48. Desktop takes a long time to show up on old Intel graphics
  49. Kernel thread (kworker) eats 100% of my CPU or my Mac is running super hot while doing nothing
  50. Suspend and hibernate
  51. Urxvt terminal issues
  52. Bluetooth issues
  53. How to listen to music using bluetooth speakers / headphones
  54. Using NVIDIA proprietary driver with Optimus-equipped laptop
  55. NetBIOS (Samba) Name Resolution
  56. How to change desktop icon themes
  57. How to find firmware for your devices
  58. How to build a custom Fatdog ISO
  59. Help! I cannot choose my savefile, my keyboard is unresponsive at boot time!
  60. My computer slows down after updating to the latest Fatdog ...
  61. Miscellaneous other known issues
  62. More links.